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January 14
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{ IH - Sugimoto, Chihiro } by KawaiiNekoStars { IH - Sugimoto, Chihiro } by KawaiiNekoStars
E D I T : Oh yusss I got in :iconasdfghplz:
Just found this wonderful group and it made me want to join :iconuhuhuhuplz: 

:damphyr: Name: Sugimoto, Chihiro

:damphyr: Gender: shoujo Female

:damphyr: Age: 16 

:damphyr: Birthday: July 17th 

:damphyr: Class: 2-B

:damphyr: Club: Basketball 

:damphyr: Height: 158 cm / 5'18"

:damphyr: Weight: 47 kg / 103 lbs

:damphyr: Quotes: 
" Nevermind. " :iconlisbethplz:
" What do you want now ? " :iconmochizouplz: 
" Tch. I'm better ! " / " Tch. I can do better ! " :icontorahmphplz:

:damphyr: Status: Single Chihiro is secretly desperate for love :iconheplz:

:damphyr: Personality:

:bulletred: Hardworking: Chihiro does her best in everything she does no matter what it is. She puts all her effort into what she's doing. :iconeruhehplz:

:bulletred: Not very honest: She tends to be dishonest with people but usually it's obvious to spot that she's being not honest because she is a horrible liar. Due to her dishonesty, Chihiro regrets a lot on her previous actions. :iconorekiahemplz:

:bulletred: Arrogant: Whenever she does something well or achieves something, Chihiro will boast and brag about it. :iconojoulaughplz:

:bulletred: Short-tempered + Hot-headed: If something/someone makes her mad, she will snap. She easily gets mad but she tries to stay calm. :iconexcusemewhatplz:

:bulletred: Tsundere: Chihiro seems to be firm and strong on the outside but inside she is soft and gentle. She will deny that she has a gentle side to her. :icontsundereingplz:

:bulletred: Graceful + Feminine ? : She tries her best to be feminine and graceful but she fails at it. Chihiro is impatient and horrible at being elegant. :iconforcesmileplz:

:bulletred: Smart:  She is surprisingly smart and keeps up with all her studies because she was a former deliquent who wants to improve in her studies a bit. In her spare time, she usually studies. But at some moments she can't function her brain well due to headaches. :iconharunoglassesplz:

:bulletred: Bold: Chihiro  can easily approach people and talk to them. :iconmisakismileplz:

:damphyr: History: 

    Chihiro was born in Tokyo where it was full of city lights and everywhere it was busy. Her parents go to work a lot but that didn't matter to Chihiro. After all, she knew that they were working hard to be able to support their family. Her family wasn't poor at all but wasn't rich either. 

    In elementary, Chihiro was a deliquent who would be rebellious and carefree. Her academic skills were very low but her attitude still stayed normal. Even though she had poor marks, she would still be arrogant and brag of how great she was which irritated some of her classmates. One day, her classmates approached her and started to bully her. Chihiro just sat there and held in all the pain. After that day, the bullying kept going on and yet Chihiro never blamed them nor fought back since she knew that she had no chance against them. She never told her parents nor her teacher about the bullying.

    One day, her classmates brought in a baseball bat and they hit her head with the baseball bat which caused her to pass out. Later the teachers figured out what happened and they immediately called the ambulance. Chihiro was brought to the hospital and her parents arrived to visit her. It was soon to know that she had lost her memories due to her severe head injury. Sometimes she would have major headaches when there is a lot of noise and/or if there are crowds. She became sensitive to noise. 2 months later, Chihiro was discharged from the hospital and she dropped out of school. She was home-schooled by her mother who had quit her job because of Chihiro. 

    When she became 12, Chihiro started having flashbacks of her memories and started having traumas. Fear overcame her. She was frightened to leave her room and interact with her family. Chihiro would barely eat and slowly she became emotionless. Also, she would never talk or look at someone in the eyes since she was scared that the past may repeat again. 

    4 months later, she remained the same until her younger cousins came to visit her. Her two bright and bubbly twin cousins. One was named Aiko and the other was named Reiko. Aiko and Reiko would follow Chihiro everywhere in the house which bothered her. They would always ask questions about Chihiro and be curious. Chihiro was scared to talk to them but then she heard Reiko say something... " Why don't you trust us ? " These words made Chihiro think about her actions over the few months and she started to feel bad. She made her family worried. Chihiro opened up to Aiko and Reiko and then slowly opened up to the rest of her family. After a few years, Chihiro restored all her painful memories from the past and withstood it all. Finally she had turned back to the Chihiro from the past and also recovered from all her traumas but she would still have headaches whenever there is too much noise around her. 

Knowing that Tokyo is loud and busy which caused Chihiro a lot of headaches, her parents decided to enroll her to a boarding high-school in the east where it was more peaceful than Tokyo. It was a school where there was shimmering lakes and rivers. . . And the school was called . . .

Ikehara High.

{Additional to bio} Rin Himura was basically Chihiro's only friend in the past. Both of their dad's were police officers. So, Chihiro and Rin would play together and spend their summer days together. But then after Rin's dad died and Chihiro got into an accident with the baseball bat, they lost contact of each other. Now 4 years later, they finally reunited again.

:damphyr: Likes: :iconfangirlzplz:

:bulletred: Strawberry milk ♥

:bulletred: Cherries 

:bulletred: Her cousins

:bulletred: Animals but somehow animals don't like her  

:bulletred: Sports

:bulletred: Spicy food
:bulletred: romance :iconimsopervyplz:
:bulletred: oh and did I mention romance ~ ? :iconbigimsopervyplz:

:damphyr: Dislikes: :iconlesigh-plz:

:bulletred: Crowds and lots of noise

:bulletred: Her headaches

:bulletred: Sweets 

:bulletred: When people tell her that she's useless and when they underestimate her

:bulletred: Thunder/Lighting

:bulletred: Swimming

:damphyr: Relationships: TBA

:damphyr: Additional Information: 

★ Chihiro has reading glasses

☆ She actually has horrible sense of direction

★ Usually, you would spot her by the fountain, cafeteria, or by the gym perhaps.

☆ Chihiro sucks at swimming

★ She's not very good with children

☆ In the past, she was a former deliquent but now she wants to change and study a bit more.


When you RP with me. . . Just to let you know... I'm really awkward and I don't know how to end an RP :iconpapmingplz:

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nalathehunter Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
//IFailAtIntroductions Looks like Chihiro and (whatever this thing is -->) Kahori are roommates~!! Maybe when you have the time we could RP??? (oh god I am so sorry, I'm not even TRYING to be creepy at this point //shot)
Amggg yes I would love to RP with you . Yay my roomieee :iconpapmingplz: 
You're not being creepy at all :icongtthplz:
nalathehunter Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
<sub> Yay~! :iconyuiglompplz: How do you prefer to rp?? Like... Note, Comment, Skype ect.??? (I prefer notes or Skype ovo)

I try my best not to scare people away... Which normally ends in scaring them away xD <--Socially awkward even when online.
I don't mind notes or skype but I think notes are more convenient :iconamythinkplz:

it's okay i'm socially awkward online as well :icongrosssobplz:
nalathehunter Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I agree uvu though I could understand wanting to Rp Via Skype with different Time zones. (that way you can tell when they are online :3)
I can send a starting note whenever ovo I don't really care what type of RP style it is.

I'm not the last of our kind left then!!! :icongrosssobplz: 
I think skype can work out as well though ! My user is luckycr0wn.  :iconpapmingplz:
nalathehunter Feb 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Kay ^.^ I sent a note just in case though
mira00000 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like your character, its a nice drawing and a good bio

Oh and Welcome to the basketball club ^^
Thank you very much :iconuhuhuhuplz:
Holy moly our characters are kind of similar! 
Except my character...isnt the smartest student around sucks so hard xD
Would you like to rp? I can imagine these two either being good friends or awesome rivals xD
They were both raised in Tokyo! Maybe they could be childhood friends? 8D //shot
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